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But then after I got healthy, we both started playing around with ketosis, for its health benefits, not diet. I have no idea. Would he be obese? Yes, these lemurs lived longer. В связи с вводом СТ и ПТ перебалансированы некоторые параметры средних танков 9 уровня и некоторых тяжелых танков 10 уровня. So what sort of exercise are you guys doing. Did you just say lamb heart.

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Just quit shoving calories down your gullet.

Yes, calorie restriction has to been shown to really lead to increased longevity in a lot of animal models. It not only leads to longer life, but better longer life as well and extends median and maximal life span in rats, mice, fish, flies, worms, monkeys, and yeast. Or pretty close to it. Right, but we we do know a few things… And, they were living better! Less calories reduces metabolic rate and oxidative damage and improve age-related markers like insulin resistance.

You actually age more slowly, which is different.

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Jody, before you or your grey mouse lemur primate go balls to the wall with calorie restriction you should check out the study at Nature. Yes, these lemurs lived longer. BUT, they had accelerated loss of grey matter in the cerebrum. But what does this mean exactly?

They still had all those benefits, just like all the other studies as well, and this one, single downside. Seems like the balance of benefit to harm is still pretty heavily in the benefit category, right? The suspense is killing me. Any chance we skip the talk of IGF, gene transcription, protein synthesis modulators, etc and just tell me what to do. I love this study because these primates are very similar to humans, not just metabolically, but also when it comes to their brain aging.

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Jody, why would you care about your grey matter and if it atrophies? Your thick skull has it hidden. So, why do you care? So, I would absolutely hate for anyone to throw the baby out with the bathwater based on this and say not to calorie restrict because of this MRI finding that no one showed actually had a clinical effect. I have no idea. So, I have no idea what this means. You see the reason CR works is because, we think it reduces things like the igf-1 axis and the tyrosine kinase pathway.

Both of these functions are active in the fed state and can lead to aging, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases. But CR and fasting okfastboo, works by activating cellular mechanisms for autophagy and apoptosis.

Autophagy means to eat one-self. I know, but what if your cells are just eating the weak broken-down parts of themselves. They automatically activate autophagosomes which scavenge the cell for broken proteins, old organelles, mitochondria, and other structures in disrepair. Apoptosis, is similar, although it happens on okfastboom1.0.75 higher level, leading to cellular destruction of old broken cells and eventually replacement with new ones.


Both, mechanisms occur in response to CR or fasting and are the panacea of longevity research right now.

For example, anybody that follows this literature knows about the man, the myth, the legend. Ok, so I have some issues with the FMD. My first issue is that they sell a product to go along with it. Now, when I first heard this I okfastboom1.07.5 dismissed the whole thing outright.

Honestly, it made me a little mad. But what could be more free from conflict than something that is the absence of consumerism or paying for pills.

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Who benefits from you buying and eating less? So, it just really ticked me off to see a product all of the sudden tied to the research. Of course, Okfastnoom1.0.7.5 then found out later that Dr.

So, I have massive respect for Dr. Having said that, I totally get that having a pre-packaged meal may mean higher compliance and benefit for more people. So, for me, what I recommend to my family and do myself is a similar 5 day FAST with homemade bone broth instead of their packed product.

Obviously, you have to be careful about your protein intake in general if you want to true benefits of fasting and the autophagy, but someone with my metabolism can take a pretty good amount of bone broth and get those results. And, honestly, there are so many great benefits of okfastbolm1.0.7.5 a nutritionally dense food as bone broth that I prefer that to their packaged product even if both were free.

All that collagen, minerals, etc. Yes, Oofastboom1.0.7.5 understand that making bone broth is more difficult than buying the products. I do not think that would have ikfastboom1.0.7.5 possible with a strict fast. And no reason to torture people if we really could get similar results without the pain.

Ok, so 5 days per month of FMD, either with their product as a support like bone broth. I would love to have your glowing skin and youthful joints, Matt, by getting that extra collagen protein in my diet. What about intermittent fasting? Okfasstboom1.0.7.5 mean, skipping breakfast basically. Okfastboo1.0.7.5, 16 hour fast each day. Okfasfboom1.0.7.5 think a better term is just time-restricted feeding. I do that exact protocol, and I try to restrict my feeding window to as small as possible.

Studies have shown that to be an independently positive thing to do for body composition and other markers even if you eat the exact same amount of calories. So, yes, doing this is great regardless of whatever else you do with more prolonged fasts. To truly activate autophagy you need to be in a fasting state, and for okfastnoom1.0.7.5 most part, we think you need to diminish your glycogen stores.

Now that might be possible if you throw in a hardcore okfastnoom1.0.7.5 into a short fast, but for the most part, we think it takes 2 days or more to activate autophagy. I have not seen or heard of autophagy occuring at any meaningful level with just 24 hours of fasting. And not with time restricted eating.


Personally, I do both. That way you get the metabolic and hormonal advantages of time restricted eating, along with the apoptosis, autophagy, and longevity advantages of prolonged fasting. Plus when you refeed after a prolonged fast you get stem cell activation that re-grows healthy cells leading to organ and tissue rejuvenation.

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I need the calories. But time restricting both gives me health benefits and more freedom with my time honestly. Discussion about when to eat during the day between Mike and Matt. What time is the best time to eat based on the science and what works for your family and life situation. Mike and I agree on a lot of things but animal fat is not one of them. I usually skip breakfast, just have black coffee. Then have a small lunch and dinner.

Usually soup and a salad. Lots of veggies, maybe some pasta in the soup, or lentils. Sometimes some hummus and carrots. But the overall goal is the same. You need a relative amino acid. I just think we can do better. Look, I eat the vast majority of my calories from plants and am a huge believer in the healing powers of plants and all the phytochemicals and benefits of a plant based diet.

Grass fed, humanely raised, homemade bone broth is my jam. My bone broth has about calories per 10 oz. And I want you to eat super nutrient dense foods the rest of the time that have amazing benefits for detoxification broccolibrain health sardines and walnutsand sanity coffee.

Fat g — 12 from butter, 39 from walnuts, 1. So, try not to get hit by a bus. Those are pretty specific instructions. And you probably need to take a month between each 30 day test to get back to your baseline.

That way we take the scienciness of this from a 1 out of 10 up to a 2 out of Twice as scienc-ey if my unscientific math is correct. For the other 25 days you should eat normal, but time restrict to 8 hours.

Noon to 8pm as your eating window. That work for you? Yeah, I can do that. What about other people listening to this. Should they do this? They should probably consult their doctor, right? But I know lots of doctors. Medicine in general is always at least a decade behind the latest research.

So, someone who cares, and reads can be just as informed as a doctor. Most people just want to be told what to do.

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